Anderson Bat

Power-Arch Technology

"Power-Arch Technology", the next step in multi-wall technology. Using a specific series of opposing arches, Anderson's "Power-Arch Technology" is able to capture the kinetic energy of the bat on ball collision usually lost to vibration. The arches are carefully spaced to maintain constant contact with the outer wall at intervals calculated to optimize strength while increasing the barrel's elasticity. What you end up with is the ultimate in performance and durability. Play with it or against it.

Energy Loading System (ELS)

"Energy Loading System (ELS)", our exclusive high-performance singlewall technology that harnesses vibration energy from contact and transfers it directly to a focused target…the ball. The knowledge we've acquired in years of manufacturing multi-wall bats has enabled us to reach a pinnacle in single-wall technology. The result is the Anderson "crack" instead of the competitor's "ping".

Taper Flex Technology

"Taper Flex Technology", the key component in providing the ultimate in feel and performance. Instead of claiming to provide "more flex" or "less flex" like the competition, our scientifically calculated Taper Flex Technology works to provide the OPTIMAL amount of flex, resulting in a level of feel and performance that the competition is unable to replicate.

Anderson's Weld-less Ergonomic Knob

"Anderson's Weld-less Ergonomic Knob", developed with a team of orthopedic surgeons to alleviate trauma caused by bat on ball collisions. Additionally, the solid aluminum knob acts as a counterbalance to the weight of the barrel and optimizes the bat's Moment of Inertia (MOI) which can be described as the weighted feel of the bat in motion.

Lexan Bullet Proof Cap

The "Lexan Bullet Proof Cap", the strongest barrel support in the industry optimizes barrel flex and creates the widest sweet spot to help swat your stats to new heights.